3D printing for all kinds of 3D projects

  • Turnaround time
    1 day
  • High quality 3D printing
    0.01mm resolution
  • Price
    from $ 1/cm³
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Print for all types of projects

Prototypes of inventions
Unique details of the PLA
Medical models
Architectural models

Let us materialize your ideas

3D printing is one of the most exciting and promising technologies. It allows you to save huge amounts of time and energy of engineers and designers. This will improve the quality of customer service, showing your clients full product prototypes.

You will get a quote for your 3D model in 20 minutes.

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We are saving your money

You can see all the pros and cons of the finished parts during the design step, and carry out various tests to avoid all the hidden errors before starting mass production.

You will get a quote for your 3D model in 20 minutes

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We are making this world better

We believe that 3D printing opens up an entirely unique opportunity for each people or company. 3D printing is widely used in medicine for creating models of human organs, prostheses and implants.

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We are saving your time.

Due to 3D printing, production of architectural models has become much cheaper and faster than the manual method. 3D printing is widely used in the manufacture completely with architectural building models, residential communities, cottage villages together with all the infrastructures: roads, trees, street lightings and parkings.

You will get a quote for your 3D model in 20 minutes

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5 reasons to work with us

  • High precision and durability

    The layer resolution of our 3D printers is just 0.1mm , the same thickness of a paper sheet. With our printers we can produce single 3D parts as big as 11.2L × 6.0W × 6.1H (285 × 153 × 155 millimeters). Our 3D models are made of PLA plastic: a very durable and green material.

  • Turnaround time is 1 day

    Our 3D-printers operate 24/7/365, so we are able to create models in the shortest time possible. We can deliver orders to San Francisco on the same day of production. For all other locations next-day shipment is available.

  • Price from $ 1/cm³

    Our equipment use exactly as much plastic as needed to create the model, that's why we offer the lowest prices. Final price depends only on size and resolution of your model, so you can choose the best option.

  • 3D design on demand

    We can help you concretizing your ideas into real objects. If you have an idea, a drawing or a picture that you want to print, send your request in the form below and we will help you to create a 3D model from it.

  • Easy To Start

    All we need to start printing is your 3D model in .STL or .OBJ format. If you have a file in any other format, we will gladly convert it for you. Just fill out the form above and get started.

    Send a request

    and get quote in 20 minutes

    Attach a file
    Filesize should be less than 25mb
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Order before May 18
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3D printing for use only environmentally friendly materials

feedback about our work

  • David Kane

    Chief Executive Officer

    Revolutionary Medical Devices

    I have been using Alex and 3D Printing for a little over a year now. We have been prototyping parts for a medical device, and have been amazed by the responsiveness and quality. I will get an idea, or need a part that had been forgotten in the design and he literally responds in under an hour with a quote, with the part arriving a day later. Now that is just-in-time manufacturing!

    I highly recommend Alex and his 3D printing service.

  • Emi Watanabe

    Industrial Designer at Planet Labs

    After doing extensive market research, Model3DPrint was the best 3D printing service that I could find in the bay area. Alex is quick, reliable, and the prints are always good quality. He even delivered my prints to my office! I have gone back to Alex multiple times for 3D printing services and definitely recommend him for anyone who is looking to outsource their 3D printing needs.

  • Aline P.

    Union Square, San Francisco, CA

    I needed a model printed for a school project, so I gave this place a try. Not only Alex had the best prices compared to the other places I called, but he had my 3d print ready only 3 hours later after we negotiated. I got the medium resolution and it looked amazing. I still had to sand it a little for presentation, which I didn't mid. Thanks Alex!

  • Daniel M.

    San Francisco, CA

    Alex is a great, you can get your project done in few hours, the quality is pretty good, I needed to print some projects for a medical device models I do at work, and the end result is pretty amazing.

  • Larry K.

    Oakland, CA

    Alex is the man, seriously. he helped contacted me before printing my project so i don't waste my money, on checking on sizes. which was good, because all of them were off. saved me a bunch of money and headache, not only just that he walked me through everything on scaling and adjusting my prints. you couldn't get better customer service and satisfaction than him. i been to two other shops before him, and none of them were as enthusiastic as this guy, Alex. Not only just that his prices are great for his quality, his quality ranges, you might think his high quality might be overprices but i got pieces that are as small as 11mm big and they look exactly like my cad files, i couldn't get that quality unless outsourced, he is local bay area and i believe he offers to deliver within SF (pretty much same day printing if he isnt busy). The guy helped me out til 1 am just walking me through things, if that doesn't say dedication. you guys may be asking for too much. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, couldn't find a better guy to help you with your 3d projects or your 3d printing needs.

  • Ken F.

    Santa Barbara, CA

    I needed to print a project for my architecture studio at UC Berkeley, and the lab manager at my school said I could not print it. I decided to outsource it to Alex, and it ended up being a great decision. Over the course of 2 days he was able to print 5 large pieces for my final sectional model. Even though the 3-d print lab technician at my school said it was not possible to print my model, Alex did an excellent job. I would use this service again and I would recommend it to any architecture student or anybody who is interested in rapid prototyping.

  • Aaron F.

    Lake Oswego, OR

    Top notch service. Alex was the best. He responded to emails at quickly at virtually any hour. He printed a sample of my piece before I officially ordered so I could see what the quality looked like. I took the plunge and he shipped the next day via Priority Mail, so they arrived just the day after he shipped (fortunately I'm in Portland and he's in San Francisco so it didn't travel across the country). The parts looked even better in person that in the pictures and I couldn't be happier. Larger 3D printing companies I've used like Shapeways takes about a week to ship the pieces after they're ordered and ship via UPS Ground which takes another week. I can say that I will be ordering from Model3dPrint again soon. I have no complaint because any issue we came across was taken care of.

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